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I Survived SC Blizzard 2018

Frozen South Carolina Flag

After a whopping 7.5 inches of snow was dumped here in Summerville, and the rest of the Greater Charleston area got their fair share, some people will start to say things like "At least there will be less bugs this year." The truth is- maybe! Even though we had our fun with snowmen, frozen pineapple fountains, and snow ice cream (why is that a thing?), most of the insects were snuggled away under leaves and in the soil. The real killer would be long-term cold temps. We have plenty more winter left for that to come. Even then, it would only lessen the population somewhat.

Come springtime, the Lowcountry will still have a plethora of pests, and you'll still need to call your friendly neighborhood pest guy. We look forward to seeing you and keeping the insects and rodents that survived away!

Photo Credit: Glimpses of Charleston on Facebook

Shield Pest Management Owner & Operator Jason Male enjoying a snow day

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