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All Things Spooky

There's pumpkin spice, fuzzy boots, and occasionally a chill in the air. Well, as chilly as South Carolina is going to get in October. There's also scary ghost stories, costumes, and candy. Spookiness is all in good fun, but there is nothing fun about the creepy crawly critters sneaking into your home to avoid the occasional cool breeze.

You may see a rise in not only spiders and other crawling insects, but there is also a spike in rodent activity during the fall that tends to last through the winter. If you are already our customer- Great! You are covered! If you're not- duh, duh, duh! Can you hear the creepy music in my typing?

#fall #pestcontrol #pests #halloween #insects #rodents #October #spider #rats #smallbusiness #familypets #localbusiness #supportlocalbusinesses #SummervilleSC #CharlestonSC #cockroach

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